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A sustainable marketplace for buying everything you need for weddings and special events

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Sellebrate is a US-based company, creating a platform for our partners to buy and sell any item ... More

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Published 4 Feb 2021

If there's two words that you don't often see written in the same sentence it's weddings and sustainability. Weddings are usually lavish affairs with no expense spared whilst sustainability is all about reusing, recycling and protecting the world that we live in. Hopefully, a wedding is a one-off event and we all want everything to be perfect because it will be remembered for the rest of our lives. However, there's no reason why the two can't overlap. With more and more of us trying to live our lives more efficiently by recycling the things that we don't use anymore there's an opportunity to pass things on rather than throwing them away. With weddings being such an expensive commodity, there's now a chance to make a little of the money back by on-selling some of the things that we don't use anymore. 

Sellebrate is a new app for Android and iOS that creates a place where members can buy and sell items for the special events in their lives, whether they be weddings, graduation ceremonies, barmitzvahs or cocktail parties. Rather than having to go without or settling for an inferior or cheaper product, members can now buy top class event items that can be used again rather than stored unnecessarily or thrown away. So, not only will you be getting the special items you want for a great price, you'll also be doing your bit to save the planet by...