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A sustainable marketplace for buying everything you need for weddings and special events

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Published 4 Feb 2021

[cont'd] online marketplace. It's good for the seller to be able to offload unwanted items to others rather than throwing them away or storing them in the garden shed. It will also get them some money back. It's also good for the buyer as it can save them a heck of a lot of money at a time when they most need it. But probably best of all - it's good for the environment. We throw out way too many reusable items that others could benefit from. Sellebrate is available now to download for Android, iPhone and iPad. You can sign up just using your email address. 

Oh and there's one more reason to love Sellebrate. They've got one of the better catch phrases to advertise this new app: 


'...because your event doesn't need to cost the Earth.'  Very classy!