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Selling online shouldn't be complicated, nor should it be expensive. Ebay makes it a hassle, Etsy makes it constrictive. While there's definitely a place for them, sometimes you're only looking to quickly sell a few things and find the need to go through a lengthy setup process much to cumbersome.

That's where Sellies comes in -- social commerce has never been simpler. Sellies lets you sell your stuff everywhere, quickly and painlessly, with absolutely no startup cost involved. With Sellies there is no need to set up a shopping cart since your shop is generated instantly after publishing a product. Want to sell individual items? No problem. Want to sell a large number of items and open up your own web shop? That's a snap. When publishing, you can opt to publish to your social media outlets as well, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Or use the embeddable widgets on your website or blog for further exposure amongst your friends and followers. Embedding options include the ability to embed individual products, or simply embedding all of them in an easy-to-navigate way.

Receiving payments also couldn't be any easier. Simply enter the PayPal address you'd like to receive payments with and you're done. Sellies doesn't invoice you so there's no credit card required from sellers. You can literally be selling your item in less than a minute from the moment you begin registering. Your buyers don't need to register. It's pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Sell whatever you want, wherever you want. It's the shopping cart without the cart part.

Last updated 23 Aug 2012

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