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A powerful CRM where you can cherry-pick the features that you need

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Sellsy is a CRM/ERP solution for packed with convenient features like: CRM pipelines Invoicing ... More

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Published 25 Jun 2014

I think we can all agree that there are enough Customer Relationship Management applications (or CRM's for short) out there to fill the Titanic. Some are huge, all-encompassing apps that are mightily powerful and filled with features while some are more modest. Sellsy offers something slightly different than most. While it offers a comprehensive set of tools that include invoicing, time tracking and a helpdesk as well as team and inventory management, Sellsy is a 'Software as a Service' app so you can pick and choose which services you need at any given time. This gives smaller businesses the benefit of a quality and powerful set of business tools and allows you to grow at a steady pace and not break the bank.

Sellsy is an intuitive and very powerful CRM and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is packed with convenient features that are perfect for growing and established businesses. It features powerful pipeline management tools to manage all of your prospective clients. You can invoice clients faster and instantly know exactly where you stand. Sellsy features online teamwork that your staff will love using whether they are sitting at their computer or out on the road with their smartphone. Keep track of your workforce's time spent on projects, bill the hours spent in seconds and easily manage your profitability. Easily manage your purchases and your staff expenses and link them to your sales figures to monitor your profit margins. Sellsy is perfect for 'point of sale...