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SendItz enables you to send, share, and store all types of content for FREE. Your photos, ... More

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Published 23 Feb 2013

Sendltz is a free, cloud-based iOS and Android application that enables you to send, share and store photos, videos and documents and share them across any of your devices. Nothing too unusual about that, you might say? In the past FeedMyApp has reviewed some terrific and similar apps to this one, including Book My Cloud and iFrame Browser, but the difference here is that, with Sendltz, the size of the download can anything up to 2GB per file with a massive 1TB personal storage space available in the cloud. This lets you keep a copy of your important files in the cloud and have them available whenever you want them and wherever you can find a computer and an Internet connection.
Sendltz will prove to be a massively useful app because it enables you to send, share and store all types of content for free. You can send large files such as photos, videos and documents can be shared across your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android or any other of your devices as well as on any computer by visiting via a web browser. You can store a copy of your files on Sendltz' servers and access it 'on-the-fly' from any of your devices. Alternatively, you can download  a copy to your device for fast offline viewing.
The app gives you easy access to your contacts and it is easy to immediately send a file to a friend whether they have Sendltz installed or not, making it a very user-friendly way of getting 'difficult' files to their intended recipient. What's more, to save you having to remember yet another username and password, the app integrates with your existing email address and mobile number.  The fuss-free and reliable file transfers will automatically recover from breaks in Internet connection while securely transfers your files in the background. And to save you space on your mobile, SendItz caches previously viewed files and folders using minimal space on your device so you only need to download them one time.
There are plenty of cloud storage apps around but the thing that sets Sendltz apart from most of the others is its ability to send really big files - you know the ones I mean - the ones that give certain email services heartburn. The other thing that makes it very interesting is that it's completely free and, according t the developers, it always will be. Cloud storage is a massive 1TB which is more than you will ever need and the app is clean, attractive and very easy to use. Sendltz is a little gem - an intelligently thought out and totally free cloud storage app that hits the nail on the head.

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