Developer description

SendX is cloud based SAAS platform that helps you do email marketing automation and lead generations for your web business.

It can be used by non-marketers for the growth of their web business. It has pre-built sane defaults to give you best ROI on your time and money. It has an extensive content library to get you started without worrying too much about content creation.

Stars with a Forever free plan for upto 500 contacts (all features included)

SendX can help you:
1). Convert your website visitors into customers
2). Setup behavior based promotion and call to action pop-ups on your website.
3).Do personalized email marketing to reach out leads, subscribers and customers over email
4). Setup Email sequences for user onboarding, outbound prospecting, email courses etc.
5). Setup really powerful rule-based automation to put your marketing in an auto pilot mode.
6). Use Wordpress plugin to easily integrate with your WordPress blog.
7). REST and JS APIs and SDK to deeply integrate with your platform.

Last updated 9 Jan 2017

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