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• Presents your product and services with multimedia packages including; video, audio, images, ... More

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Published 18 Jan 2017

Gone are the days when businesses blindly sent out emails advertising their services to potential customers and hoped for the best. These days it's gone way beyond that. Nowadays, the most efficient email and social media marketing campaigns don't only deliver news about your product or service. They also have to provide some form of monitoring service as well as giving you a simpler route to better sales. The last few years has seen a plethora of new marketing apps entering the market - all aiming to provide a more comprehensive online service that can improve your bottom line. Here we have a new one that provides all this and more.

SendYourMedia is a new email and social media marketing app for web, iOS and Android that provides everything business needs to get their message across as to how good its product really is, to monitor the responses and, of course, to improve the bottom line. This innovative app present your branded product or service using multimedia packages that include video, audio, images, documents and downloads and sends you an email as soon as the delivered package is opened by the recipient. The email will tell you exactly what happens when the recipient open the email along with details of campaign averages and individual tracking results.

This smart app will take you one step further than most by telling you just how long customers watched your video, listened to the audio or read the documents that were included in...