Developer description

SenseSleep features a simple 3-step process to help users regularly enjoy deep, nourishing and uninterrupted sleep – without any medication or external sleep aid. By monitoring your heart rate while guiding you through simple breathing exercises, SenseSleep is designed to lower your heart rate, calm your mind, and prepare your body for rest. SenseLabs (the company behind SenseSleep) has designed these controlled breathing exercises specifically to help your brain easily enter a more relaxed, sleepy state.

Here’s how it works:

1. Record your heart rate
If your heart is beating too quickly, your brain and body are probably too active to fall asleep. It’s a simple indicator in your autonomic system and it’s a measurement you can watch improve in real time.

2. Begin breathing exercises
SenseSleep will guide you through simple breathing exercises designed to lower your heart rate, calm your brainwaves, and prepare your body for rest.

3. Rate your sleep
The next time you open SenseSleep, you’ll rate your night’s sleep on scale of 1 through 5. This allows you to track improvement over time and learn what techniques work best for you.

Last updated 27 Jan 2016

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