Developer description

The application empowers users to take their BPM (Business Process Management) practices to a higher level that revolves around sharing, designing and new ways of working together. And to further optimize, deepen and share processes, there is the Sensus BPM Online tool, to which the app links directly.

In a nutshell:

The Sensus Process Modeler Mac app makes it possible to quickly and simply:

· define and map processes: what’s the objective, which customers and suppliers are there?
· design processes: capture processes in flow charts and link job titles to activities
· publish processes and share them with colleagues
· export processes to Sensus BPM Designer.

Sensus process management specializes in mapping, visualizing and improving business processes. The Sensus method gives business management the tools needed for a process-based way of working. At its core, the method has a powerful cloud-based Business Process Management (BPM) application.

Last updated 9 Jan 2020

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