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Tower defence strategy - the way it was meant to be!

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Sentinel 3: Homeworld is a tower defence strategy game for Ipad (or any IOS device) that takes ... More

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Published 12 Apr 2012

Every now and again, a game comes along that redefines a genre. Sentinel 3: Homeworld is just such a game. It is a tower defence strategy game that pits you against the usual waves of ever more formidable enemies, but it does so with such flare and panache that we felt it worth a mention here. Firstly, you have a Commander, a giant robot (Mech Warrior style) that forms the basis of your defence. This commander "levels up" as you progress through the game and attributes such as "shot strength", "health", "PSI (the effect he has on nearby turrets)" and "Strength (his hand to hand melee damage)" all increase gradually as you level up.

With new levels come new abilities that can be purchased (with in game credits, not real cash). The ability to teleport or to auto repair nearby barriers, or to upgrade to "triple shot" to target 3 enemies similtaneously, or to rain plasma bombs on nearby enemies are all attributes that are essential if you want to succeed at the higher difficulty levels.

The turrets themsleves are many and varied and you have to select your weapons group before entering each level. This makes for another strategic challenge as different maps lend themselves to different weapons. Also, a lot of the more powerful weapons are locked until you progress. You also have to buy weapons slots - so initially you might be able to select an arsenal of 5 weapons, but with experience you can purchase more slots...