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Developer description is easy-to-use and powerful search engine rank tracker. It has been designed for website owners, companies, webmasters and SEO professionals.
With you have clear Google or Yahoo!/Bing ranking visualization. It provides you deep analysis of your website condition based on changes of key SEO indicators. has tens of features. Some of them are:
- Current position tables with last changes.
- Daily, monthly and comparative charts with rankings history.
- Daily changes of Page Rank, number of backlinks and referring domains, Google index.
- Google algorithm updates on charts.
- Forcing your location to get more accurate rankings (good option for local business keywords).
- Client management and free client accounts.
- Advanced PDF reports.
- Alert system.
- Free knowledge base with SEO news, useful tips and Google updates.
- Shortcuts, task lists, and other extras.

You can choose between five plans, including free account.

Last updated 3 Aug 2013