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Developer description

Whether we want it or not, search engines are becoming more and more intelligent these days. The changes in the functioning of the search engines are a direct result of algorithm improvements implemented by Google. Most of Google's improvements have revolutionised the way web designers and SEO specialists think about and approach optimizing a website.
Fortunately, SEOKitten has been created to win the battle against Google's modifications. SEOKitten is a free, online tool which aims to: test key parameters of websites, monitor the Web ranking factors and assess how Google friendly is a given site. SEOKitten checks SEO parameters in the blink of an eye and provides the information about alternations that ought to be made on a website to improve its online visibility. The tool precisely indicates whether the site meets all the quality requirements. What is more, SEOKitten is a complete source of information for IT programmes and web designers who may find out which areas of the website need an immediate fix. What is interesting, the online tool examines a website in the same way as it is done by the search engine robots.
A detailed report is made by the SEOKitten after a closer investigation of a given site. The feedback concerns information about a domain (its name, age, PageRank parameters, AlexaRank and others), data about headers, coding, tagging, the content of a site (the number of words, characters, images, the ratio of HTML to text, code errors etc.) and additional files. On top of that, the tool reveals how fast the loading process of a certain page is. Another important detail provided by SEOKitten is info about social media ranking.
No doubts, the innovation of SEOKitten is in its functionality. You can have a detailed analysis of your web page and make sure that the site meets the current Google requirements. Thanks to the SEOKitten your site can be a roaring success on the Internet.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015