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Developer description is a free website and server monitoring service. We check your website or your service every 10 minutes. You can create an account, add your website or services and if something fails you will get an email notification. Simple, ready to use, reliable.

Features we offer

* Website monitoring (HTTP, HTTPS)
* FTP server monitoring
* Mail server monitoring (POP3, IMAP4, SMTP)
* MySQL server monitoring
* SSH server monitoring
* Email notifications
* Number of websites or services: up to 10
* Custom time zone
* Multiple contacts: up 10
* Availability history
* Public status page

Website (and web server) monitoring is probably the most common requirements of users. Mail servers can send a mail later, the developers can upload their files via FTP later too. But visitors wouldn’t wait until the website becomes accessible again. This is why it’s very important to monitor the website. Obviously, every good site should be online as much as possible.
Our monitoring software sends HEAD request and compares it to expected HTTP code. If HTTP server gets HEAD request it responds with the HTTP headers only. If the request we get is not equal to the expected one we consider it as an error and send an email notify. For instance, you choose HTTP code 200 as expected and we get code 404 or 502. In this case you will get a notification.

We check the website each 10 minutes. So regardless you have low-end VPS or decent dedicated server, it won’t lead to any performance issues.

Along with HTTP protocol, we support HTTPS which is secure version of HTTP.

Last updated 2 Aug 2012