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Published 25 Jul 2012

When I first took a look at this impressive set of business tools and saw that the name was ServicePlatform I have to say I was a little underwhelmed. So many of these business apps have funky names and ServicePlatform was so...unspectacular. What the name does tend to project is solidity and reliability and that is pretty much what it delivers. It's a place that manages your entire online presence from your website to your social network sites and any number of things between. It's aim is to provide businesses with the complete online solution that controls your web page, your mobile site, your Facebook and Twitter postings. It also manages your business listing and services and delivers detailed analytical statistics so you can find out more about the people who view your business.
ServicePlatform helps you organize your business and services and lets you manage them in one location and share them everywhere. It lets you power your entire online presence from your website to Facebook to Twitter and everything in between. That means one business to maintain and in one location and shared everywhere. Your business listing is purposfully developed to be used, viewed and shared by others. This means an account on ServicePlatform gets your business in the hands of others. More than just a business solution they aim to distribute your services for you. Analytically, it tells you how your business is being used, 14 day trends, the breakdown of Business/Services views and performance indicators on how your business is doing. That means, how many views from Facebook and Twitter as well as from your website. With ServicePlatform you also get a free mobile website that is directly connected to your business and your services. Armed  with your QR Code your customers who are 'on-the-go' will be able to find you easily. Platinum Accounts can control the look of your business's mobile website using our Mobilen Manager. I ally, you can easily add images to your service items and let ServicePlatform do all the heavy lifting for you. They will resize your image to provide a full version and a thumbnail and attach them to your business and handle all the distribution for you.
ServicePlatform is one of those great apps that deliver way more than they appear to. It's aim is to give you more control over your online presence and make it simpler to oversee your social media accounts as well as your web site. It's a cost efficient set of business tools to analyze your Facebook, Twitter and website hits to see just where you are going right or wrong. It provides powerful business management as well as increasing your online visibility. Finally, it helps you get connected through the right search engines and your increased visibility has great potential to attract new custom.

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