Developer description

Seven Spots provides resources that help to formulate any kind of holiday project, ensuring that the vacation measures up to the expectations of historical geeks, as well as regular tourists wishing to uncover the historical mysteries of England.

Navigating through the immense database of Seven Spots is easy-peasy even if statistics aren't exactly our strong suit. Thanks to its clear layout and logical structure, Seven Spots makes it really easy to find what we're looking for when planning a holiday in England. The website stores information on England's best historical monuments and heritage sites in clear-cut location categories. What's more is that all the attractions are divided into types, such as castle, bridge, tower, cottage or church. With this functionality we can learn, for instance, that when it comes to historical churches, it's best to head straight to the region of South West England – the counties of Devon, Dorset and Gloucestershire in total boast more than four thousand churches! This feature allows to design our holiday in accordance with our preferences and follow the path to the most interesting historical attractions of every English region, county and city.

All of the information shown in the Seven Spots database is very useful when planning a holiday, but what can we do if we already find ourselves in England and at loss as what to visit? Seven Spots answers this requirement as well by providing a practical search by location tool. The website will automatically detect our location and on this basis formulate a list of the most interesting historical attractions located in our vicinity. Who knows, maybe it can open up a chance to discover hidden historical gems that aren't included in regular tourist guides?

Whether we prefer to plan our holiday beforehand, or just travel to England and go where our hearts take us, Seven Spots provides an immensely practical assistance to make our journey truly unforgettable.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015