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The Sexy Fun Puzzles app for the iPhone is a great way to kill time. What makes this app so unique is that it offers eye candy for both men and women.

The topless men are really hot and the women are gorgeous. Mobile Mania, LLC realized that there were not enough apps on the iPhone with both good looking guys and girls. Bonus: The puzzles are actually very challenging!

The exciting memory game is just like the one you played as a kid, umm except you are matching 2 sexy people and not like farm animals or something. You have the option to choose hot guys or hot girls.

The jigsaw puzzles are great if you like brain teasers. Sexy Fun Puzzles has something for everyone - boys, girls, blondes, brunettes, redheads, etc. It is easy to use.
Mobile Mania, LLC updates this app frequently with new pictures of hotties for your viewing pleasure.

- Choose a Gender
- Stimulating Jigsaw Puzzle Games
- Match Pictures of Hot Guys and Sexy Girls

Pricing and Availability:
And the best feature of all it that it is FREE.

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Last updated 4 Feb 2013

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