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A great looking movie app for recommendations and info

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Shake-A-Movie is a fun way to discover new movies to watch. With georgeus posters and unique ... More

Editor's review

Published 7 Jul 2015

Back in an earlier life I ran DVD and video stores. Good ones too, if I do say so myself. They were stores where you could come in and talk to the people behind the counter and walk out with a great film that you might or might not have heard of. You could rely on those kinda stores to provide you with good knowledge and excellent film recommendations because we knew what we were doing and we loved movies of all kinds.

Unfortunately, with the demise of the friendly neighborhood movie store, that wealth of knowledge isn't available much anymore and we have to do much of the research ourselves. Either we can scour the movie magazines for good reviews or, given that this is the age of the app, we can find a great movie app that will give us all the up to date information that we need. ShakeAMovie serves that purpose very nicely and delivers a great looking and totally free movie app so you can discover a multitude of new movies to watch. You just have to shake your device to give you recommendations based on your own unique search criteria.

Shake-A-Movie is a great looking smartphone app that turns out to be a fun way of getting movie recommendations and discovering new movies to watch. The app features a truly stunning interface with each film displaying its movie posters of movies as well as its synopsis and stars. Simply use the left swipe gesture to see all the movie info and right swipe to see movie trailer without leaving the app. It is a unique ways of discovering films that you might enjoy. Search for movies by name or filter your search by browsing anything from the year of release, the genre, its country of origin, actor, actress or its director or by specific keywords. Then all you have to do is to give your phone a little shake to discover new movies that ShakeAMovie recommends and add them to your personal collection. You can even share your recommendations with friends on your favorite social network or by email. ShakeAMovie is available now for free from the Apple Store and is optimized for iOS5. In order to keep up with the latest releases, it's advisable to download the latest version available.

There's nothing totally mindblowing about ShakeAMovie but it does achieve all it sets out to do. This movie info and recommendation app looks great on your iOS or Android and carries heaps of useful information about films you may want to watch. It's sleek black interface looks very cool. I love the fact that you can narrow down your search capabilities with some useful and interesting filters and it's almost a magic trick to shake your phone to get recommendations. There have been a few previous versions of ShakeAMovie available but this edition has added some good new features and one or two bugs have now been ironed out. If you are missing the recommendations that those folks at your favorite DVD store used to give you, you could do worse than replacing them with an app like ShakeAMovie.

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