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Published 7 Jun 2019

Many companies have gradually built up their array of apps and software over the years to enhance their business. It might have started off with email marketing one year and then a lead nurturing one the next. Each year they’ll do a fine job and you'll add more and, pretty soon, you'll see your desktop filling up with icons. Now the thing is, do they all work in conjunction with each other to form a seamless marketing platform? In a lot of cases, the answer to that question is no or, if you're lucky, they do to a certain extent. The really big companies have the money to be able to afford teams of employees to bring everything together but that luxury isn't always the case with smaller and medium sized businesses who don't have a huge amount of cash to splash around.

There are answers, of course. A good CRM will house all your marketing tools under one roof and will give you a suite of tools that all work in conjunction with each other, saving you significant time and money. Shape Software is one of the better CRM's that we've come across. This app for both Android and iOS is an easy to use set of business tools that manages all your advertising and marketing needs whilst giving you all the ammunition you'll need to enhance your company's customer interaction while everything syncs together and flows through the one...