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Working in a startup is an amazing adventure more and more people choose to live: you’re passionate about what you do, you believe your product will change the world and it’s all new and exciting. But startup life isn’t for the faint of heart either: times are stressful, you’re not sure what the future has in store for you and you’re on a limited budget. You almost live 24/7 with your team and frustrations may arise. Keeping an inspired and motivated atmosphere in the office might be a little tough too.
Recognize any of those problems? We have a solution that might just be that little push your startup needs to make it big. What if we told you our solution will lower your rental costs, revitalize the office atmosphere and grow your networking circle? Sounds good? Then you’re gonna like coworking. We here at ShareYourOffice specialize in connecting companies who have extra shareable space in their offices with startups that need a flexible workspace. We know time and money are invaluable resources for startups so we’ve made the process incredibly simple and totally free. With a large selection of cities in the States but also Worldwide for you to choose from, finding the ideal office has never been easier.
Simply indicate the number of desks needed, the city and the price range. You can also include more precise criteria for a detailed search, or contact us if you want our assistance: we’re always happy to help. Don’t feel like sharing an office with anyone else? Don’t worry, we have those too. On the other hand, you’ve got some extra space you would like to rent out? We’d love to help you find your new coworkers! Creating a listing takes 5 minutes tops: a couple of pics from the space, a brief description and you’re done.
Our team of experts is also on hand to create it for you if you’d like. Not sure for how long you’ll want to share your space? We know how important flexibility is in the startup world, therefore usually our contracts are monthly. We also offer to take care of crafting the contracts for you too. Being a startup ourselves, at SYO we know all the hurdles that may arise. It’s a tough world out there and we believe working in the right environment is the first step towards success. Our aim here at ShareYourOffice is to help all startups and entrepreneurs find the ideal office, where business magic is created.
Ready to get your business off the ground and to revolutionize the world? Get in contact now, we look forward to hearing from you!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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