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Editor's review

Published 30 Jan 2013

Whenever I talk with my friends who are big users of the social photosharing site Instagram I always get the feeling that they feel a bit let down by the lack of features available to them. It's probably One of the reasons that many switched their affections towards Pinterest instead. Sure, they've added a Facebook-like cover photo and created user profiles recently but some of the biggest complaints are generally regarding the inability to see your followers and the people you follow, as well as general search and share options. is a free application that works in conjunction with Instagram and addresses those problems as well as letting you view your feed on both the web and iPad in a beautifully cascading waterfall-style presentation rather than just one shot at a time. is a free service that lets you enjoy Instagram on the web and iPad the way you want to and works seamlessly with your Instagram account. It allows you to do many of the things that you would love Instagram to add including the ability to view your feed, see the most popular photos, 'like' and add comments, search hash tags, view photos taken nearby, create a public profile page, view your followers and share photos with your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest to gain more followers with just a single click. Searching for tags and other Instagram  users is really easy and simply involves typing a name or a term in the search box. You can even search for photos taken near where you live and browse channels to see some of the best photos submitted even if you don't follow lots of people.
Considering the amount of changes that Facebook inflicts on its users, it's a little surprising that Instagram haven't upped the ante by adding many new features since its inception. There are several apps out there that have already leapt in and offered their services to jazz up and add much needed features. goes some way to taking Instagram much closer to Pinterest territory with its never-ending, cascading photo stream but, where it really hits the nail on the head, is by grouping new users in categories, making it much easier to find them. You can easily view all of a single users photo stream just be clicking on their name. The biggest surprise really though is that Instagram hasn't introduced many of these features themselves as they will definitely enhance the whole Instagram experience. Now that i coe to think of it, maybe they should have called it Pintergram.

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