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A safe and secure social network for those of us with mental health problems

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Published 10 Jun 2021

[cont'd] s not quite as easy to talk to those around us who are already a part of our lives. Having someone who is non judgmental to discuss our feelings with on the other end of a computer makes it easier to share our feelings. To ensure confidentiality, ShareSpace lets people choose a nickname so that they can share stories and offer advice to others with no fear of it affecting their own lives both inside and outside of their online life. The app offers excellent peer support via a healthy dose of discussion that aims to improve our lives and reduce stress.  

The app works in a similar way to most social networks by allowing people to create posts, share stories and respond to posts. You will see similar stories to your own and  you will be able to offer your own experiences to the discussion. Right now, the app is split into two sections. First up there's the Mental Health Challenges category - which explains itself really. Then there is a category called Everyday Challenges. Each includes 18 different topics that cover a wide range of problems familiar to many of us. However, the next thing up for ShareSpace is to create smaller communities within the app to discuss specific issues that may crop up. These smaller units will have a much more intimate and private setting with users being able to contact others directly if need be. 

Basically, ShareSpace is a safe place...