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Published 1 Oct 2011

Don’t let ShareZen’s short description above fool you into thinking that this site is all about sharing the odd meal out with friends or splitting the cost of a group holiday. On no, this is all about the sharing of big ticket assets and overcoming the hassle attached to that if serious organization is lacking.

May people do it and a good example would be friends or family members buying a vacation home together. Whether or not this purchase was made with the intention of renting it out or just for use within that particular group, things like availability, maintenance and the repayment of any finance all need proper scheduling.

This site does everything and asset owners signing up are obviously given privilege access status allowing them to manage every aspect of shared ownership. An availability calendar shows planned usage at a glance and a maintenance and to-do tracking system sends reminders to all owners when anything needs doing.

Any money spent on the asset can be recorded including any finance payments and each owner will always know their position as the system can automatically assess fees to share costs based on usage or time.

The ShareZen application widens out greatly to accommodate those using the asset but not involved in ownership. Renters for example can have visitor access to the site which acts as a central hub for all communication between them and the owners. Directions and instructions of any kind can be relayed along with personal touches like...