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Offering the best of both social and communication worlds, SharpFede unites a beautiful and ... More

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Published 15 Jan 2013

When it comes right down to it, SharpaFede Communicator is a bit like having a slimmed down social network that's designed specifically for your mobile device. When I say that it's a slimmed down version please don't get me wrong. This java-mobile communication platform uses your regular contacts as well as new ones you make to connect and communicate in broader, more social and more intuitive terms on your mobile phone. The app lets you get social with an intuitive and classy-looking user interface that integrates seemlessly with the app's communicative features like video, voice, chat and instant messaging.
SharpFede is a free, Java-based mobile communication application that serves as a platform through which users can communicate in every conceivable way on a mobile phone both cheaply and efficiently. It offers the best for both your social and your communication worlds. This very social app manages to present a beautiful and intuitive user interface and then adds communication features like video, voice, file send, instant messaging and chat as well as social features like friends, tribes, tagging, microblogging and search abilities. Tribes, by the way, are groups you can attach yourself to. All of these features greatly extend your ability to communicate and connect to others with your mobile device. The communication and social features work seamlessly with each other to create a unique user experience that is as gratifying as its original utilitarian function suggests - communication. Connect with friends on your phone's contact...