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Published 16 May 2020

Like it or not, privacy in online communication is one of the more important issues that we have to face up to in the 2020's. Just to give you an idea, all you need to do is to turn on your TV and you'll see multiple adverts offering one VPN deal or another to keep your online communications safe. Governments themselves also seem to have reservations with several not wanting a company like Huawei to oversee their 5G rollout over security fears. Whether these concerns are valid or not is unclear but, the fact is, the doubt is there. Because of these worries, many are searching for completely secure solutions to put their minds at ease. 

There have been reports over the years that Facebook's Messenger service leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to privacy while apps like WhatsApp and Viber rely on the user's trust that messages are deleted as soon as they've been sent and can't be viewed by others. Unfortunately, trust doesn’t always protect your privacy. To counter this, there's a new private messaging app on the market that guarantees total privacy. ShazzleChat is a new app for Android where there is no server and no website involved so there's no likelihood of your messages or data being intercepted. This is a direct 'peer-to-peer' service that offers true privacy. ShazzleChat turns your device into your own private server to send messages, emails, files of any size and payments and does it quickly and securely. It is currently the only messenger app that offers this complete privacy. 

ShazzleChat is the world's first chat application that allows you to send and receive messages via your very own private 'peer-to-peer' network with no one middlemen involved. Just invite your trusted friends and existing contacts and get them to join up and you can chat and share data, videos, photos and files without anyone else being able to access or view them. What's more, you can still have control over your sent information after they are sent by setting a self-destruct timer. This means that no one can store your private correspondence on their own device. 

You can still do all the same things that you do with a normal messenger service. Apart from sharing files and chatting, you can create totally secure group chats where you can talk to multiple people. You can share any number of photos and any length of video and have them self-destruct after viewing. If you've got large or sensitive files to send then that's no problem either as the app uses patented encrypted protocol with no third party ever involved so your precious information is always private and secure. The app will never store your information because it never actually sees it. 

ShazzleChat is a world first totally private messenger service that puts you in total control of your own privacy by creating your own network that only you and your most trusted business partners, friends and family can see. However, to add yet another layer of security you can always add a password lock to stop those prying eyes at work or at home from seeing what you're up to. ShazzleChat lets you send unlimited amounts of data with the full knowledge that it's totally safe and secure. Just download the Android app from Google Play, sign up for free, invite others to join up and enjoy total online privacy. 

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