Developer description

Shelfish is the ultimate library utility. It allows you to quickly search bookshelves by taking a photo and it manages and organizes the books you've borrowed or bought.

By either scanning their barcodes or adding your books by title, you can quickly organize and search through your collection of books. Shelfish also can save your bookmarks, and remind you when a book is due. With Shelfish, you will stay more organized, and never lose what page you're on.

Shelfish can also keep track of the due dates of books you've borrowed from the library. It automatically reminds you the day before your books are due, so you always return them on time and avoid accumulating overdue fees.

Using OCR technology, Shelfish can also help you quickly find books on a shelf by simply taking a photo and entering the book's title. This is extremely helpful for when you can't find a book on shelf despite knowing it is there. It can save you loads of time searching!

Last updated 26 Jul 2018

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