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Shelfster is a free application for writers. It offers you free tools (for Windows, Mac OS, ... More

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Published 15 Jan 2012

Hold the front page! All you writers out there who rely on research and interviews to help you create that article or even longer piece of work will know what a grind it is getting all of it together. Getting it all together is one thing. Keeping it all together and putting it in a workable order is another but this one just might make your life a whole lot easier. I know, I’ve been there. You have a file for newspaper and magazine cuttings, you copy and paste useful web content onto a Word document (or print it out and file it with the cuttings) and you have a drawer full of dictaphone tapes that hopefully you’ve labelled correctly. The best that even the most organized of us can then hope for is a pile of separate files cluttering up the desk.

Shelfster looks like it could well be the white knight riding to our rescue. With free tools available for MAC, Windows, smartphones and browsers your account should become the one-stop haven for all of your research. On top of that you can actually write your article or book online with it all at your fingertips.

The idea is simple but comprehensive. With a Shelfster account you can send everything you need such as images, ideas, text snippets, bookmarks and even voice recordings to it and then organize them into the relevant projects. With the application available on so many platforms you’ll be able to do it from wherever you are be it at a football game or even whilst interviewing a hermit in his mountain cave.

With everything easily to hand you can then use the text editor function to write your piece and drag and drop text and images directly onto it. The finished masterpiece can then be printed or exported in HTML or PDF.

Condemn the cuttings to the cutting room floor and get properly organized!


With future features including the capability to export to DOC and popular eBook formats and publish to Wordpress, Facebook and Twitter your work will not only be organized but in front of a bigger audience too.  


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