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The elementary future of interactive books, Watson!

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Published 19 Mar 2014

[cont'd] with curious and interesting facts and weighty issues relating to the life of the capital on the banks of the Thames, as well as a detailed map of London. The streets and the interiors of the houses have been lovingly recreated on the basis of authentic sketches, paintings and photos from the time. The app takes you through the twists and turns of the plot across 30 scenes different scenes and using unique 3D animation and video clips to draw you even deeper into the story. It takes you on a journey to Victorian England and, without distorting any of the facts of the case as laid down by Conan Doyle, you even get to have your say on how the narrative unfolds.
Is it a book or is it a game - that's the question we are asking here. It matters little because Sherlock is, quite simply, a wonderfully entertaining entry into the interactive genre. It's 3D images are up there with the best video games and it is fabulous to scroll around each of the scenes to try and find clues and follow the detail of, what is, a great story. It's also a relief to find out that the developers went for historical accuracy on the project and every word of Conan Doyle's story is delivered and illustrated with beautifully drawn scenes that come to life. While the story itself is quite short, the interactive elements turn it into a fulfilling...