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Missing your Sudoku rush? Try this new Twist on the numbers game.

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Published 19 Sep 2018

Do you remember when the Sudoku craze really took hold back in the early 2000's? For a while there it seemed that, no matter where you went, there would be someone sitting next to you playing it. You’d have to say that it was the Candy Crush of its day - albeit with a little more intelligence needed. Bizarrely, the game reached such epidemic proportions that a million dollar drug trial in Australia was aborted when it was discovered that five of the twelve jurors were playing Sudoku rather than listening to the evidence. Naturally, because of its worldwide success, there were a number of spin offs that came to the fore in the ensuing years. One of which was called Shikaku.


The original Shikaku’s objective was to divide the grid to a number of rectangular and square pieces with each piece containing a number that represented the area of the rectangle. However, that game has now evolved itself slightly and has turned into another new game called Shikaku Twist with a couple of significant new rule changes. With this game, the cells connected to each grid do not need to form a square or rectangle any more. What’s more, you get to solve the puzzle in one single line by moving from one connecting square to the next. 


Shikaku Twist is a fun and very addictive game to play if you enjoy logical puzzle games like its big brother Sudoku. You might have seen similar games...