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Missing your Sudoku rush? Try this new Twist on the numbers game.

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Published 19 Sep 2018

[cont'd] advertised with more anglicised name like 'Divide By Squares' or 'Divide By Box.' Whatever name it goes by, it's a mind expanding numbers game that's great for improving the powers of logic and is much more mentally rewarding than Pokemon or Candy Crush for kids as well as adults.


So, how do play the game? Well, each level consists of a grid of blocks with some of the blocks containing a number. You start off by selecting a block that contains a number. Now you can select some of the connecting blocks in the grid that are equal to that number. The last square you select must connect to a square with another number. Then you can select the next square and repeat the process. Once all of the blocks have been selected, the puzzle is solved. 


If you love playing puzzle games and are missing your familiar Sudoku rush then Shikaku Twist could well be the way to go. This new game for iOS is a variation on the Shikaku and Sudoku themes and continues the braintraining theme whilst honing your logic skills and keeping your mind active and stimulated. You can choose between 3x3, 4x4, or 5x5 grid sizes for increased complexity and thankfully, you wont have to worry about ads interrupting your train of though between levels. However, if you get completely bamboozled on a level you can refer to the hints to help you solve the problems. ...