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ShinobiCharts is the fastest and most powerful component in the market and offers the perfect ... More

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Published 4 Mar 2012

If you are an app developer it's almost essential that you have an analytics application like ShinobiControls in your toolkit at all times. It's the perfect solution for displaying data in the simplest and most digestible form of graphics and charts. Whether you deal in simple or complex data, this purpose-built and iOS inspired app delivers great looking charts to display your analytics cleanly and clearly.
ShinobiCharts is the fastest and most powerful component in the market and offers the perfect solution for developers and other iOS users wanting to display data in the easily digestible form of graphs and charts. ShinobiControls has created a comprehensive set of powerful, interactive UI controls to help iOS developers create awesome apps for businesses and this high-performing product for iPhone and iPad hands developers the power to transform the simplest to the most complex datasets into a variety of stunning charts that can easily be embedded into iOS apps. Inspired by Apple iOS Controls, ShinobiCharts' API is purpose-built to make it easy for developers to manage and control as well as integrate into your existing apps. All controls are built with both the developer and the end-user in mind so there is a clear and logical API to delight the developer as well as an engaging level of intuitive interaction that users now expect from their Apple devices. The overall aim is to reduce the time, cost and effort involved in developing data-driven business apps so that they can increase both in quantity and in quality.
ShinobiControls aims to make the most  out of your data and this suite of tools gives you the  maximum power, flexibility and value which enables you to save time and impress quickly. It helps you create fast, powerful charts and grids in seconds from any type of data. There are eight different chart types to choose from and your charts can handle over 200,000 data points in real time. If you are  building an iPhone or iPad app and you want to show  data in charts, ShinobiControls will make your life easier and your users' experience even better.

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