Developer description

Ahoy pirate! Get ready for a legendary treasure hunt. Riches await in Shiny Treasure: Pirate Blast, a fun and relaxing block blasting adventure. The most infamous and… poorest pirate of the seven seas: Captain Cain, needs your help! Grab your treasure map and set sail to a mysterious island that is rumored to hold an enormous treasure chest.

Puzzle and blast your way through 200 challenging levels and puzzels as you navigate your way across the island. Will you and Captain Cain make it all the way inland to find this mysterious treasure?


- Explore a tropical and mysterious island full of puzzles and challenges.
- 200 fun and challenging levels with plenty of twists that will surprise you.
- One pirate’s junk is another pirate’s treasure… collect dozens of funky items!
- Bombs away! Use special power-ups and bombs to blast through the levels.

Last updated 4 Jan 2022

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