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New survey data suggests job descriptions that are too vague or too specific are partly to blame ... More

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Published 14 Jul 2012

I wonder how many of you out there have applied for a new position and been absolutely amazed that you weren't even in consideration despite the fact you have delivered a brilliant resume and were well qualified for the job? It may not be any fault of your own because sometimes the recruitment process leaves a lot to be desired and, not only are you left out in the cold but your potential employers miss out on your services. ShinyNeedle is a new kind of employment application that turns the whole recruitment process on its head by asking its recruiters to post job descriptions with accompanying real challenges applicable to the position to ensure the applicant with the most creative answer to the problem seeing his resume rising to the top of the pile.  

Job descriptions that are too vague or too specific are thought to be partly to blame for recruiters passing on perfectly qualified candidates like yourself -especially in these rather difficult employment times. If you're an employer or recruiter you are probably sick and tired of look over vast amounts of useless resumes that don't tell the full story? And if you're a talented individual you also probably sick and tired of your resume being the only thing to get you in the door when you clearly have other skills.  If that's the case this could well be the right place for you. ShinyNeedle is an online job platform that flips...