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Developer description

What will you do when your sweet backyard is being invaded?
Be a hero you always dream to be. Shoot them annoying little buzzing pairs of wings out of their quest to destroy what you hold dear.
That’s right!!! Everybody loves peaceful gardens! Amazingly they just don’t. Do you???

Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. Be trigger happy. Be addictive. But be ware, not everything you can take down!

There is just so much more to the game you’ll need countless hours to shoot and experience it. Ah the sweet taste of victory, take it, it’s yours!!!
• One of the most original and addictive games in the App Store
• Improve the players’ IQ & Analytical skills
• 20 increasingly challenging levels, more are coming
• 5 destructive Bosses’ levels
• 1 almost-unbeatable survival level – just how many seconds can you last?
• 12 unique but equally cute-in-its-own-way characters
• Use different amazing weapons such as Bee Master, Thunder, Sticky and Ice Bomb to aid you
• Other brilliant stuffs to buy in the game’s In-App Purchase
• Outstanding graphics and physics
• Innovative game play
• Facebook, Twitter & Game Center integration – let the whole world amazes at how good you shoot!

Last updated 17 Nov 2012