Developer description

You don't need an expensive camera to take great photos. Some of the most interesting photos we've seen actually comes from mobile devices. The most important ingredients are to see and capture the moment in front of you. To do that, you need a fast, responsive and manually controllable camera - and learn how to use it.

Shoot by Rollerbush is one of the best and fastest alternatives to your default camera app and lets you take full control over your camera in an intuitive and powerful way. It unlocks all the advanced features your camera has to offer and brings you the best photo quality possible. Shoot can also teach you more about photography and explain how you can use manual settings to get the results you want.

Apart from giving you full access to manual controls, Shoot will also open up the door to the world of RAW photography. When shooting RAW, you will bypass in device image processing so that you can instead control every single aspect of processing the image. This way, you can improve image sharpness, increase dynamic range and contrast and reduce noise and processing artifacts to a minimum. As an alternative to RAW, Shoot can also be configured to skip aggressive noise reduction and sharpening algorithms, if you would rather control that manually in post processing.

Shoot is constantly evolving, with lots of exciting features and improvements on the way. One of the most interesting features right now is the real time highlight and shadow clipping detection that helps you find the most appropriate exposure and avoid any problems that bright backgrounds or foregrounds may present.

Last updated 4 Apr 2016

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