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Make your Amazon project shopping a heck of a lot easier

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Published 18 Apr 2019

[cont'd] it there either. If you have some other random buys that you are considering, you can organise them into groups and add them to your list and find out when they come down in price too. 

If you use Amazon to buy anything - whether it be gifts, regular items or projects themselves - Shopping Guru is a must have. It will organise your potential purchases better as well as saving you money. This useful little app can be personalized to your own tastes and needs and there's even a quick guide to get you where you want to be quicker and more efficiently. At the moment, the app is only valid for the US, UK and India but expect more territories to get involved soon. Of course, it also contains many of Amazon's own site features including searching Amazon's vast database for purchases. Shopping Guru is available now for free for iPad and iPhone in the App Store.