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Developer description

This app is tool to create shortcut for file(image, music, movie), bookmark etc on your home screen.

You can create your original shortcut freely by changing title and icon.

Moreover you need not to do complicated operation and you can create shortcut by few steps.

** Main features **
- Create shortcut for file(image, music, movie).
- Create bookmark shortcut.
- Create mail and phone shortcut.
- Take a backup for shortcut and restore later ( even if app is uninstalled ).
- Customize shortcut title and icon.
- Customize icon color(paid).

** Usage **
1. Select a type of shortcut and associate it with file, bookmark or contact information etc.
2. Customize shortcut title and icon.
3. Touch [Create shortcut] button to create the shortcut on home screen.

Try this!!

Last updated 1 Nov 2015

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