Developer description

Shout Outz is not your ordinary texting app. It was designed with the avid texter in mind. Template creation, location tracking, group texting, predefined message creation and much more are all included in Shout Outz. Template and location display or fully customizable to ensure the user can setup each predetermined text message exactly how they want it.

Don't let the simplicity of design and ease of use fool you. It is packed with all the tools you need to become a productive texter. As you build your templates, you will see how the names given to them actually give the App it's face.

A feature any texter can get excited about is the location enable/disable display; accessible and customizable for each template. Enabling the location switch activates a map link and address to be sent with your text message. Locations can be added to a text message on the fly (current location), or they can be defined at the users discretion in each template.

Template examples:
- Personal: Happy B-day Mom
- Work: Lunch Meeting Places, Don't forget to complete your time cards
- Sports: (Perfect for Coaches) Practice at Ball Field 1, Game a Smith Park on Friday
- General: I am Here, Come hang out, What's up
- Invitation: Birthday Party, Graduation Party, Family Reunion


IMPORTANT NOTE: IOS5 updates automatically turn on MMS Messaging. Go to Settings, Messaging, MMS Messaging and turn it off. This ensures greater than 10 contact can receive and reply to messages sent from Shout Outz.

Last updated 14 Jul 2012