Developer description

Shout lets you share your Stories, your Experiences, your Life, using your most intuitive tool – your voice!

Tired of the same old social networks?
Do you want to be heard?

Meet Shout, the modern and innovative social network with a twist.
With Shout, when you need to say something, EVERYONE will hear you... instantly!
Shout is Hands free - you don't need to even turn on your phone to hear incoming shouts!

The intuitive interface makes it a blast shouting to followers, and other shouters are just a tap away.
Join the revolution and spread your word.

More on Shout:
Echo - Share your Shouts on other Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Shout)
Communities - Communities are public Shout groups in which anyone can join. Tune in to what you like.
Group conversations - Group conversations are private Shouters groups where your shouts will be shared only to group members.
Hashtags - Hashtags are an easy way to tag your content. Just add the Hashtag sign (#) before the tag's name and you're good to go.
If you have any issues/questions/suggestions, please forward them to our support team at: [email protected]

Last updated 15 Feb 2016

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