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Take the pain out of property showings. ShowMojo lets owners, agents and managers schedule ... More

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Published 15 Dec 2011

It's tough times in the real estate business these days. It's certainly harder to sell a house in this tough economic climate. As a consequence there is far more pressure on the real estate salesman to actually make a sale or rent a property when the opportunity crops up. So whenever there is someone that wants to take a look at a property you are certainly going to want to fit them in somewhere. ShoMojo lets owners, managers and agents schedule rental and sales showings to give you the best chance of filling the vacancy.
ShowMojo takes the pain out of property showings by letting owners, agents and managers schedule rental and sales showings online sothat they fit their schedules. ShowMojo also features a bunch of others tools related to showing properties including appointment confirmation via email or SMS and upcoming property showing notifications . Add a ShowMojo link to your existing marketing and let your potential tenant or buyer book the time of their showing online. Just set your weekly schedule then tell ShowMojo what days are different. You can double-book, triple-book or even schedule group showings and automatically arrange showtimes in convenient clusters or at  multiple locations.
The no show! It's the bane of most real estate agents. So much time is wasted  waiting for people to turn up. Research has proven that the organizational skills and reminder capabilities of apps like ShowMojo will reduce you no show rate by an alarming amount. By keeping the tenant, owner and other interested parties in the loop at all times makes life easier for all involved. With most real estate people seeming to live in their cars these days you can now access, review and update your upcoming showings directly from your mobile. So here's a big shout out to the real estae world. Come and get's free.

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