Developer description

Showcasebot is a software to manage collections such as, Fine arts, collectables and antiques for Artists, Dealers as well as Collectors.
We offer a showcase for most items in the Arts and Antiques field.
It can store the location, item descriptions, photo and communicate with other users. It is free app for mobiles and tablets. Download from Google play, Ituns store.

As Collection Organizer:
If you love collecting things like coins and antiques then this is a must app for you, or if you are an artist or a trader it could be a great help to you to showcase your work and also share it with other people globally over the internet. It’s like making an online portfolio where you can click a photo and upload your picture and share it with other users.

As Virtual Portfolio: 
This app works like virtual showcasing app where you put forward your work for others to see and share. Showcasebot is your personal as well as business items collection manager, which allows you to place your collections wherever you like them to be. This app can be used as coin app if you love collecting coins and stamps.

Featured Categories: This app can be used for people who are looking for Furniture app, Cars app etc. Showcasebot is used by people who love collecting artifacts, antiques Classic Cars, Furniture, Watch, clocks and bounteous collections you name it we have it. Nevertheless, you have to be sure that the product value is over 100 USD to be showcased.

Last updated 24 Jul 2014

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