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Let your friends advise you in your daily decisions:
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Editor's review

Published 7 Nov 2011

I apologise if I sound like an old cynic but I really can’t see the point of this one. What I mean by point I suppose is I can’t see that it brings anything new to the party that is social networking sites.

Let’s consider the name and then some basic features and I’ll leave it to you to decide if this is a must have addition to your probably already rather crowded collection of apps.

The name is based on the adjective ˈshrugˈ as in to shrug ones shoulders as if in doubt or unsure about something. This doubt in your mind could be about anything and with doubt comes the need for advice. Of course the best way to get trusted advice is to ask your friends and for this you need to sign up to Well don’t you?

Create and publish your shrug across all of the available networks. You can even "Reshrug" and attach images just in case your friends find it difficult to visualize your problem from your text. Following the flood of replies you can vote on them and let everyone know what helpful advice, if any, you have decided to follow.

No social networking site would be complete without the ability to follow other users and shruggy doesn’t disappoint on this score either. You can of course also search for friends also using the site by either username or email address and regular email updates of all events are included in the deal.

If you think this could provide a great platform for your doubts then sign up, it costs nothing. If on the other hand you think a little bit like me, and given the fact that you can spread your shruggy around Facebook and Twitter, you could just use those two sites and cut out the middle man surely?

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