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Sicex is a online database with records of imports and exports for 26 countries. Find out who ... More

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Published 9 May 2012

With the employment situation the way it has been for the last few years it's no wonder there are more and more people out there looking for new opportunities or trying to hold onto and improve on what they have got. Importing and exporting is an option that can't be ignored. Buy from one country - sell to another that wants it or sell to stores in your own country. Sicex is an online database that lists imports and exports to and from 26 different countries allowing you to analyze your competition or find out where to get that set of flying Elvis ornaments that you know you can sell a truckload of
Sicex is a online database with records of imports and exports for 26 countries giving you all the information available on any product imported by sea to the U.S. Get a leg up on your opposition or simply find out who your competitors are. See what's being bought from overseas countries and undercut your opposition, find out where all the good stuff comes from and find suppliers to sell to in your own country.  Sicex gives you details on international trade by companies and/or products from 26 countries including USA, India, UK, Spain, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Panama, Costa Rica, Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Indonesia and Thailand. Since Sicex' data is processed from U.S Bills of Lading you can find potential U.S importers and suppliers selling to U.S Companies. Discover new customers and product information based on the shipping records. Consult trade data online from over 26 countries all over the world through the intelligent platform. Identify potential clients, new suppliers, consult all types of products including Harmonize Codes, item descriptions and prices. Analyze data from rival companies and  view in full details of their market share with up to date information. Sicex are the only company in the world that processes and sells all the maritime trade data from Colombian Bills of Lading. Have access to our database on-line and explore buyers, sellers, sea agencies, sea liners, freight forwarders, goods description, total containers, volumes and many more fields.
I have a really good friend in England who has recently started up her own jewelry and trinket company. She sources the stuff from all around the world and ships it in and sells it online and through Facebook. Let's hear it for the entrepreneurs of the world and,  believe me, there are going to be plenty more people like my English friends cropping up and working for themselves. Many businesses will want to lap up the information that Sicex has at its disposal. If you are the entrepreneurial type or a business person that want to improve their bottom line or just suss out the opposition you will definitely find this business solutions and trade stats application right up your street.

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