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Nowadays the access to Internet is not a privilege but it´s becoming a human right.
And yet, in order to stay connected we often have to deal with expensive data plans, roaming costs or poor coverage. Not only that but the statistics show that more than half of the global population still can´t afford Internet even at home due to lack of infrastructure and unbearable costs in certain segments of the population.
What if we could improve this situation and make the Internet more affordable and easily accessible by everyone? What if we could come together to raise the global online status?
That would mean a big economic growth, millions of new job opportunities, improvements in the health care that would increase the life expectancy and more than 500 million people rising above the level of poverty.
Does it sound too good to be true? Well we at SID Ltd came up with a solution!

SID´s mission is to build a worldwide Internet Sharing Community and thus improve the average global state of connectivity.
This global community is accessible through our recently released SID (Share Internet Data) app, available for both Android and iOS. With this first commercial release the users will be able to connect to Internet in two ways:
- By connecting automatically to the available Wi-Fi Hotspots in the SID App data base. Forget about asking for the Wi-Fi password, just choose your settings and the app will do the rest for you. Every user can add even more hotspots to our data base for everybody to use and this way expand the free Internet Network.
- By connecting through another SID User. Thanks to our disruptive technology, every device connected to Internet through the SID App, acts like an internet host and extends the coverage range of the internet networks, allowing more users to connect simultaneously to the SID internet host (smartphone). Every user could share as well their spare mobile data with the community and help others in the SID community out when they can´t access their regular Internet sources.
Our further development will focus primarily to complete the SID interface to the blockchain and the creation of SID wallet. That will allow the users to connect to Internet in exchange for SID crypto-tokens that they can simply purchase or for those who can´t afford even 1 cent than tokens will also be able to be obtained by consuming in-APP advertisement. Such obtained tokens can then be used to consume internet megabytes from other nearby Users of the SID system that are sharing their internet in exchange for tokens.
This automatic trading of tokens for megabytes will motivate the users on one hand to share their non-consumed mobile data, provide their mobile provider allows this contractually, which are otherwise usually lost at the end of each month, and on the other hand, share their private Wi-Fi networks without revealing the password and through encrypted communication channels between any nearby SID smartphones.
SID´s ultimate goal is to increase the level of global connectivity by setting the bases for a strong internet sharing network build on the principles of community. If we come together we could not only improve our community daily lives by helping each other and not having to worry about our connectivity status, but also make a positive and lasting impact in the world!

Are you down for a revolution?
We would much appreciate your feedback on our newly released SID App!
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Last updated 22 Feb 2018

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