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SideTour is your place to discover and book new experiences offered by interesting and talented ... More

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Published 14 Nov 2011

It's fairly easy to get access to information about pretty well any city you'd like to know about. The restaurants! The nightlife! The sights! They are all easy to discover whether it be with a tourist guide or an Internet site. But how do you discover the REAL heart of the place? SideTour is full of interesting and exciting people extolling the virtues of their neighborhood through the many different areas of expertise that they have a passion for.
The world is full of vibrant and creative people – artists, actors, chefs, sommeliers, educators, students, explorers, philosophers, shoppers, collectors, talkers, walkers, runners and rock climbers – doing fun and amazing things that we would all love to be a part of if only we could find them. SideTour is your place to discover and book new experiences offered by interesting and talented people around the world. It’s a way of exploring and experiencing the world shared by people who refuse to accept the routine and prepackaged. By people who instead want a taste of the original, the authentic and the real. SideTour is about moving beyond what we already know and do and getting our hands dirty in the world. And by discovering new people, places and perspectives that enrich our lives. The SideTour team came together to create a place where individuals could host one-of-a-kind experiences to share their knowledge and passions with others. Maybe it’s music, painting or cooking. Maybe it’s some rare and unique talent. Or maybe it’s something more common like pride and love of your neighborhood.
SideTour was founded on the belief that everyone has expertise or unique insights that can be used to create and host a handcrafted experience. The possibilities are limited only by our own creativity and imagination.

We should be proud of the city we live in. So much of our time is spent putting the city where we live down and sometimes outsiders seem to appreciate it more than we do. So maybe it's time to throw a little love in your city's direction. SideTour let's you let out your little bit of creativeness to show off the talent that is available where you live. It's simple to use, fun to get involved with and totally free.

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