Developer description

Sight is a revolutionary, image centered productivity mobile app. Using Sight, mobile users can now clip, save and retrieve reading materials in one step eliminating the clumsy, multi-step cut and paste process.

After installing Sight, you go about reading articles in any app like you normally do. When you find something you want to save for reading offline later, simply take a screenshot of the article by pressing the home and sleep button at the same time. Later on you open Sight, every article you’ve taken a screenshot will be there in fully mobile-optimized fashion.

Sight is different from any other read-it-later apps on the market in the following aspects:

- You can save articles by a screenshot: No interruption of the current reading experience. The entire article is retrieved and saved. Extremely easy and fast.

- You can clip articles from ANY mobile app that you are currently reading with, including browsers(Safari, Chrome), news (Yahoo, CNN...), readers (Flipboard, Prismatic...), and SNS (Facebook, Twitter...).

- You can discover popular contents: Sight tells you how many people have saved the same articles as you did.

- Enjoy better reading experiences: Retrieved articles are nicely laid out in Sight without any advertisements.

Last updated 8 Aug 2014

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