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Signsquid lets you legally sign contract online. It is the only platform that uses two ... More

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Published 18 Jan 2012

There are certainly enough occasions where a signed contract needs to be provided to seal a deal. You know what some people are like...they literally HAVE to have your signed name on the dotted line. Its all down to legals really, isnt it? Well, what if there was another way of legally 'signing' a contract without the whole time consuming rigmarole of physically exchanging signed contracts. Signsquid is a business and legal application that delivers you the only legally binding signed contract online with two authentication factors.

Signsquid is the secure and legal way to sign contract online. It is the only platform that uses two authentication factors. Signsquid is a brilliantly efficent legal app that is backed by a law firm and the only legally guaranteed platform for signing contracts online. When you dont have access to a fax, a scanner or printer Signsquid is an easy, efficient and fast way to 'sign' your documents online. It is also the only platform that authenticates signatories in two ways—through an identity link sent by email and an identity code given to the signatories by phone to check and ensure the identity of each person who will access and sign the contract. Simply upload your document, invite your signatories and receive a legally signed PDF for your records.

When you've really got to get something signed and you don't have access to a fax or printer to transfer your documents online then Signsquid is the prefect way to deal with the situation. By simply and securely uploading your PDF document you start an incredibly fast and super-efficient piece of legally binding contract signing that eliminates the use of paper. And that's got to be a good thing - you can be going green while your company looks totally trustworthy, modernistic and very professional. You can get a free trial on it if you are quick.

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