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Silence individual phone calls or text messages instead of silencing your entire phone! Download this silent ringtone and you will be able to silence any of your contacts and still have the full function of your phone. Silence one call, not all calls.

With the iPhone, calls cannot be blocked and you must assign a ringtone to each and every contact. It’s impossible to keep your phone from ringing when an un-wanted caller decides to give you a call – until NOW! With this app, you can associate the silent ringtone with any contact in your database. When the undesirable caller calls, the phone will ring, but you won’t hear a thing.

If you have several telemarketers or bill collectors call you constantly, you simply create a contact called “Telemarketer” or “Wrong Number” or “Bill Collector”. Associate the silent ringtone with this contact entry and when an undesirable caller calls, hit the arrow on the right and choose “Add To Existing”, scroll down to the new contact created above, and add the phone number to the contact entry. The next time they call, you won’t hear a ring, but they will still be able to leave you a message. You can add unlimited phone numbers to a contact entry, so this will be a sweet way to silence undesirable phone calls.

I have a contact named “Wrong Number”. When a telemarketer, an “888” number, an “800” number, or an “866” number calls, I simply add the phone number to the existing contact of “Wrong Number”. I still receive the calls, but the phone doesn’t ring.

This app makes it easy to manage calls you don’t necessarily want to answer. After several of them call, you know right away what type of caller is calling and you won’t be interrupted with an audible ring.

Included in this app are several other ringtones you might enjoy. Feel free to use any of them you like.

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Last updated 19 Oct 2013