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Developer description

CRM in a spreadsheet. As simple like Excel, plus all the advanced features of complicated CRMs, just without the complexity.
Just copy your Excel data to the CRM and benefit from reminders, appointments, team collaboration, customer history, advanced search and more. Keep using the same spreadsheet interface you love.

Features available:
- Set reminders and appointments in your calendar from the CRM
- Collaborate on your spreadsheet with your team
- Send e-mails - using Gmail or Outlook
- Track e-mail open rates
- Make phone calls using your phone or Skype from the CRM
- View history for spreadsheet cells and see who changed what - no more "who deleted this"
- View a list of tasks you need to do, connected to your calendar
- Make advanced search on your spreadsheet
- Make calculations (SUM,AVG,MAX,MIN,COUNT) to calculate sales and other values
- Save your common search queries to build your dashboard (what's new? what's open? what's closed?)

Last updated 26 Sep 2016

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