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Save time and money by changing your purchase ordering system

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Will the next-level of procurement management wizardry please step forward! ... More

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Published 30 Mar 2017

It's said that, for every one hundred purchase orders that are created, ten of them will have some sort of problem or mistake connected to them. You might have two people ordering the same item or an invoice that's higher than the quoted price. It happens every day at some businesses. Now, that's not quite so drastic for a smallish company where the purchase officer will often follow an order through from beginning to end but, for larger businesses, it will often involve three different departments that have to collaborate. What's more, the purchase authorization, goods receiving and accounting departments are often in different parts of the building. Some can even be in different countries. As you can imagine, this can take up a lot of time to rectify and will often result in a serious waste of money. is a 'next generation' procurement management application for business that simplifies the whole process of purchase ordering and helps to keep all departments in the loop. It gives total transparency to all the relevant members of your team by using high level customization, accurate real-time mobile reporting, easy invoice sharing, quote sharing and PO sharing so that everyone can see every payment request as well as every approval and rejection. streamlines your PO system by utilizing a simple 4 step method. Just start off by creating a purchase order on your phone while loading your suppliers and products list. Send the PO to your suppliers...