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Published 8 Sep 2011

Sometimes you need an instant Internet chat with a friend or a business colleague right there and then. Maybe you need to pass on a code or a bunch of numbers or an address when you are on the phone. It's difficult isn't it? You can't afford to get it wrong. SimpleMeet goes someway to solving those problems in a free and very simple way. There are of course other means of communication available. But - be it telephone, instant messaging or email - not every form of communication is suitable for everything Sure, there's lots of instant messaging sites around - MSN and Skype, for example, but they take some time to download. provides an instant chat between two or more users, the only thing necessary: A simple code. It was never easier to get in touch instantly without having to know each others contact details. No signup or setup required. Just direct your opposite to and ask for the code he or she sees. Enter the code in your browser window and you’ll instantly be able to chat with as many people as you like. Sometimes a chat just comes in handy. Be it the quick forwarding of unspeakable information (complicated names, passwords, crypto keys) between two persons or a spontaneous discussion between a group of people. It's also possible to start the chat without having to wait for anybody to enter the code. Users can also enter their own code...